Redeeming LTC cant possible with me

Dear Sirs,

I had transferred/ withdrawn 6 LTC from my okpay account a few months back on my desktop wallet addresses in two different transactions which I am not able to use any where.
The said addresses i had sued to receive my ltc coins i had got from the application i had downloaded from the ltc web but i never saw my coins in same wallet.
So as I a checked the said transactions are shown on ltc blockchain network.

You are requested to please guide me how to transfer my ltc coins to my other exchange wallet addresses.
I Have all the prove of sent ltc from okpay to my mentioned wallets.
which i can provide on request.

For more references i am hereby mentioning my two wallet address at which i requested okpay to sent ltc coins.

Looking forward for the quick response in this regards,


Adnan Raouf