Recovered wallet.dat; no balance but incoming transaction


I searched this forum but could not find a solution.

My old computer crashed and I recovered a wallet.dat file from 2013 in a new Litecoin Core wallet on a new laptop. After a rescan I re-opened Litecoin Core but it does not show a balance. It, however, does show 1 incomming transaction (in history). The status shows: “0/unconfirmed, not in memory pool”.

  • Any idea how I can recover these coins?
  • I’m not 100% if they are LTC or other coins. When I view the transaction in Litecoin Core it does say LTC, does that mean it is or does it simply show the coins corresponding to the wallet itself?

Thank you so much in advance :slight_smile:

post the transaction id and/or the address that is listed in the wallet.dat file.

Transaction ID: f51ff32f2cbe69ef87125191c6e1ddefb47f0e5850facde0ba579b54546a6448
Address: LeKCAQUTiynZgf4C2mGNRXaMVKjjg6HRgi

The transaction does not seem to be LTC (perhaps WDC, is there a way to check), although the address is (blockcypher), right? hmmm…

that is not a valid transaction ID - I ran it on blockchair which ran the transaction id against 17 different block chains and found no match.

are you able to post a screenshot of where you see it as a transaction id?

LTC wallet

I get it from the overview (wallet > transaction details)

hmm - well it should be LTC the part you covered looks to include “LTC” - will keep looking more though.

looks like your earlier guess at WDC was correct - the txn id relates to a WDC transaction hash for 1,486.2847037 WDC - of which it is still unredeemed

Ahh that makes sense. Thanks so much!!!
If by any chance you can also advice on WDC (i am aware this is a LTC forum haha)… the official WDC wallet is quite outdated and gives errors installing. Would you know of any alternatives?

Worldcoin is a dead coin as far as I know. Even the WDC acronym is used for another coin “Wisdom Chain” Also, Worldcoin seed nodes were stopped years ago as far as I know - though if people are running the full node, you might be able to connect to them. Not sure where to get a full working version of the qt wallet though as the devs stopped working on it in 2016 if I recall.

though amazingly there are people still mining it on miningdutch and zpool

If I find out more, I will post it here.

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Thank youu :):slight_smile: