recover wallet for hard drive damage

My hard drive of my computer was completely damaged I do not have access to it how do I recover my wallet with the litecoin that I had

If you made a copy of waletdat so that the recovery could be done. And if not, you have to come to terms with the loss.

Well, you can pay for professional hard drive data recovery companies to help you. It is very costly, but how much it is worth depends on how much LTC you had (multiplied by an estimated price in the faaar future).

I have experience in recovering HDD, but depends on the fail type.

How do you know your drive is complete damaged?
Its a logical failure or a hardware one?

There are kinds of damages that can be cured. However, it depends on what kind of damage though. Data recovery is expensive as well. Thus, calculate how much you had in your wallet before getting it back by data recovery.

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