Record-breaking performance, Innosilicon announces the all new 10nm T2 BTC miner and ASIC

Innosilicon, the world leading one stop shop for crypto mining ASICs, announces the availability of Terminator 2 BTC Miners & ASICs with record breaking performance. Now in stock for mass shipment, T2 has typical hash rate 17.2TH/s (±5%), and power consumption 1430W (+10%) at the wall, offering over 15% advantage in power efficiency over any market competition. This new 10nm T2 ASIC and miner, equipped with advanced dynamic frequency and temperature scaling for reliable performance under all conditions, once again, demonstrated Innosilicon’s world-class engineering creativity to innovate the best low power ASIC product in the hot contested mining market. With the current sharp difficulty increase, this 15%+ power efficiency advantage greatly reduces the risk of mass deployment, offers much better ROI, longevity and resale value, while some less efficient miners, no matter how cheap, are vulnerable to becoming obsolete sooner than expected. In fact, many smart investors nowadays only acquire miners that can surely make it through the bear market because they know miners that can’t cover the electric bill won’t stand a chance to survive.

T2 miners are brand new, single tube, easy to install and plug & play, with easy-to-use interface developed by some top notch software developers with free farm management tools and free online consulting. T2 hardware is mass produced by a few world class ISO9000 qualified OEMs which offer worry-free 180 days parts/repair warranty around the world. T2 miners typically come with PSU integrated. The PSU non-integrated version is optional.

As a long term supporter for crypto decentralization, Innosilicon also makes its BTC terminator ASICs available for volume buyers. In fact, Innosilicon is the only major vendor to supply its best ASICs, among its offering of BTC/LTC/X11/XMC/SIA/DCR/GPU ASICs, to support the decentralization and miner DIY (Do-It Yourself) as we believe technology should be used to add values instead of creating market monopoly.

Please feel free to contact us for any of your demand, not matter in our list of offering or not. Innosiliocon will never stop optimizing its product and services for the mining community.

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