Reclaiming wallet


I mined Litecoin a while ago for fun. I had to wipe my computer but I kept the wallet address.

I am unsure how to recover the litecoins I mined (maybe two at the most)

Would anyone be willing to guide me through this process?



If you only have the addresses you had nothing, the important thing is the private key.

So if you have your private key, you can get your coins back, if not, sorry.

I guess I misunderstood what I needed to save.

Let me ask you this, how many characters is the private key usually? Maybe that’s what I saved.

It’s longer than a normal address,

Think your old private key should be around 53 character…

I think the code I have is 34 characters in length

Its an “L”


I was able to recover the cgminer files and some litecoin files from the hard-disk. I do not see a wallet.dat file though.

Is there a file that stored the passkey?

i have problem , i send LTC into wallet address, but i can’t remember name of this website,
how do i know this address is belong which site.
please help me. :frowning: