Recipient saying they didn't get Litecoin

I’m sure you guys get this a lot, I am new to Litecoin but i’m very careful with what i send and i make sure everything is right.
I pulled the address code from this companies website by copy/paste, put it in my wallet and sent the coins.
Everything looked right and within 20-30 min i had 6+ confirms. Problem is after 15+ hours they claim they never received it and they rejected my payment. I checked it on BlockCypher and it seems like everything is OK. Of course they told me to talk to Litecoin, how am i suppose to talk to Litecoin? Is there anyway i did something wrong and can i somehow confirm the address is theirs?
The money hasn’t come back and i don’t know how it would, but i feel like i’m getting scammed.
[LTC Address LaqdwDr9HWvZ5ajFmRJYbsiG2AbpU9BD9W | BlockCypher]

Well, what is their address and what is yours? If you show them the transaction with the confirmation, there is the proof you need :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response. I did show them but they kept saying didn’t show it so it was never sent/complete. It never showed any of the few transactions I’ve done. After hours of talking to them they finally admitted it was confirmed.
I dunno it’s strange.

go to and confirm their address, transaction id, and amount there…or any other Litecoin Block explorer out there also they will not be able to spend the coins until there are 6 confirmations and a lot of exchanges wont even give credit until after the 6th confirmation to avoid double spend attempts

Glad you got it sorted man, I’d say most likely the confirmations weren’t fully there yet as @bakd247 already mentioned :slight_smile:

Maybe, thanks for the replies!