Reccuring payments


We are creating a SaaS platform and would like to accept payments in litecoins, but we can’t do that only if there is a support for the recurring payments.
As far as I understand there is nothing like that yet and I’m not sure if it’s possible at all and I want to ask if it’s on the Roadmap or if there is a known way to implement it at least.

also allows for recurring payments using their API or merchant service…

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By default bitcoin is a push technology, meaning each payment has to be initiated by the customer.

Coinbase offers recurring payments in bitcoin (a pull technology) that customers can initiate. Unlike our other merchant tools, recurring payments require the customer to pay with a Coinbase wallet, since this is a layer we provide on top of the bitcoin protocol.

As far as I can understand that means that each payment should initiate by the user, i.e. coinbase will send an email to remind about upcoming payment or customer should be using coinbase wallet.
It’s just not an option if I’m correct :frowning:

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they email you everytime you receive a payment yes…and you can also have coinbase remind the sender to send a payment to you as well…“remind invoice” i think would be the option for that

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That just doesn’t work. I’m talking about recurring payments support on the network/wallet level.