Re Time lost Litecoin

There is also a message that says that " my alert key is compromised"…what can I do about that?

1 - You need to backup your wallet.
2 - If you have the address where you had the coins check it out on the explorer and see if your coins are there.
3- Download an up to date wallet from the oficial litecoin website, install and let sync.
4- Load your backup on the new wallet and enjoy. (you may need to rescan).

Ok ta very much. Questions: I have the original address…but check it out on what Explorer?

I was wrong. I do not have any address in " addresses". The only thing I have is if I debug…that brings up some info…but no address. If I open debug I have Loads of data…but no idea what any of it means
Of course, i can put in a new label and address…but if I do that…how does that help me?

hmmm, you should have at lease one address in there, when the wallet is created it also creates 1 address.

something is not right.

The address that I thought I had turned out to be a dummy example

Are you online now…sorry but some of messages do not seem to be getting through

Are you online now? Sorry,but the message board has gone all weird on me

1 hour.

coins recovered.

Now, time to remember that passphrase!