Quien me pueda ayudar

Ltc miner no me deja extraer los fondos , me dice que tengo más de una cuenta gratuita .

translation above

Ltc miner won’t let me extract the funds, it tells me that I have more than one free account.

if you are on a ‘cloud’ mining service…this is a common scam where you never get enough LTC
for the minimum…to pull out funds.

If this is some kind of LTC faucet, it may be the same scam.

If you are running a physical miner, what is it and where are you running it on for a pool?
If it is cloud mining or faucet mining or something else let us know here

just not enough info on your post …so I’m just guessing here

also google translate is your friend on this site :slight_smile:


Le adjunto imagen de la aplicación , usted me dirá !

(removed image and site info)

using google translate

I attach image of the application, you will tell me!

Well if you are legit, you are screwed. The site you put up as the place you lost 17 LTC comes up as
a web virus threat…with my Avast Anti-virus software…thus it is a scam site and your 17 LTC is lost.

DON’T post the site you did above again, or I will kill your account for promoting the site.

Just saying, you were taken. Your LTC is gone if the site is coming up as ‘evil’ with my Anti-Virus

Avast Software. Sorry for your loss. This is a common scam.

Again, try to use google translate as you post.