Questions Re:Fix to Upload & Run New Core v14

Please Help confirm steps listed below. Are there anything missing or need to be added?

  1. back up or copy your wallet.dat into a USB thumbdrive
  2. delete the old Litecoin core software and reinstall new Litecoin core
  3. **paste your wallet.dat into appdata file
    **Q : Step 3 - will there be a wallet.dat in the New Litecoin core and do I need to delete it BEFORE beginning step 4?
  4. open your Litecoin core folder & click .exe file to run/start Core Sync
  5. let it fully sync

Is it possible that a wallet.dat file found in the “appdata” folder (The vital wallet.dat Backup file, I was directed to Copy and Save on the thumb drive), is part of the New Litecoin core v14 downloaded & saved earlier?

The reason I ask is that I found a wallet.dat file in an external HD that I believe to be the one I am actually looking for.

I guess it’s also possible they could be the same wallet.dat file…
Is there a way to check the file, before running the sync?

Thanks you again
Happy Holiday’s