Question --leaving links

Hey Litecoin warriors, can I leave a link to my Ebay stores, or to any other websites I have? Another question?? Does anyone know how to set up a ------ummmm never mind, ill talk about this later. A great idea tho ! lol

If you have Litecoin related products on your ebay store, feel free to link to the products. If your websites are Litecoin related or accept Litecoin for payment, feel free to link, however, if the content is nsfw or similar, make sure it is made known beside the link.

Essentially, this forum is used for Litecoin related material only, not as an advertising platform for just anything.

Thank you

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Im trying to link litecoin to my listings. I have over 1,500 to 2,000 listed items on ebay. I revised one of my listing to include litecoin but it wont work or show up grrrrrrrrrr. Anyone can help me? I tried using banners to. Any ideas?? Iā€™m gonna make a litecoin pokemon card lmao!!!