Problem with android wallet

Hello. I am new user of this forum and ltc wallet.Yesterday I was send almost 25 ltc from to my android wallet on smartphone, but I can’t see my coins. my account is 0. I was checked hash transaction from poloniex history, everythings is ok, transaction complited, but I havent money on my wallet. Enybody have this problem? my wallet adres is Lc4KZVeFwdTKaXiZQJjAF3DQE9g2qR96Te
I was download from google play on my smartphone, hash of transaction:

please help.

Edit: coins arrived on my balance, so I don’t need help anymore :moneybag::sunglasses:

I have the same problem, on the app Litecoin Balance I can see the amount but on the app Litecoin wallet is 0.00 and can’t do any transaction.
Could you tell me the solution.