Powering a gridseed litecoing miner and setting it up

I just purchased a gridseed litecoin miner that has 2 boards and heatsinks and one fan. 2 micro usb ports and i’m connecting to a window 8.1. I have the 2 barrel plugs with a red and black wire per barrel plug and i cannot find a manual for this miner but i know they need a 12v 5-7amp psu for each plug. Do I need to buy psu’s with those specs or can i use a pc power supply unit with near the same volts and amps and splice them into the psu? I’m in the dark so any help would be wonderful.
Thanks in advance

Computer PSU should be OK. I used an old PSU I had laying around and ripped some barrel plugs off some other hardware I had and it worked out alright for me.

Thank you so much for your quick response. I thought i had a good enough grasp of how to setup the gridseed litecoin miner but after reading so many different and sometimes outdated threads i’m more confused than i was to begin with. Any other helpful advice finishing the setup for a windows 8.1 64 bit machine? Also I must download the litecoin core 64 bit first completely before i can start mining right?
Thanks again,

You can point the machine to a pool like litecoinpool.org. Litecoin Core would be what you need to generate a wallet address for mining. (I don’t recommend using an address from an exchange like Coinbase for mining.)

You’ll need to install cgminer and run that from the Windows Command Prompt.

This is good: https://github.com/dmaxl/cgminer

The command will look something like this:

cgminer -o http://pool:port -u username -p password --gridseed-options chips=40 freq=700 baud=115200

I recently got rid of my Gridseeds and my Raspberry Pi which was running Minera so I couldn’t get the exact command and version of CGMiner I was using :confused: Good luck