Possible trojans in electrum-ltc executables

Hi I just downloaded the electrum-ltc-2.9.2…exe and ran it through Virus Total scan and it picked up two Trojans!
This sounds like it needs urgent attention.

where did you download from?

also post the results of the scan

It was from https://electrum-ltc.org/

and the scan results are :

I also downloaded two other versions on the official site and they were also infected according to the scan

thanks not the latest version…

the scan version is

latest is, did you scan the latest?

yes - it is easy to replicate yourself on the Virus total website - I scanned three of the different versions

The latest version is also infected

Please can you let me know if this has been resolved?

hi, I don’t know I am using the portable version and so far no problem… haven’t scan it though. maybe someone can let us know if this is a false positive or a real threat.

Hi Pedro
Who do I contact to get this fixed - I really don’t think this is a false positive! The checksums don’t match and the trojan is identified. If you have a trojan after downloading you may well not know that anything is wrong but it may be performing malicious activities like logging passwords etc.

You need to scan it.

I don’t know, but go on Reddit r/litecoin there are more people and someone have to know.