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I purchased some LTC about 4 years ago. I had it in my Litecoin QT wallet, I backed it up (wallet.dat file) and kept the file in a folder. Once I saw what LTC has been doing with price last few weeks and especially last 24 hours I decided to potentially turn into USD. So I downloaded the latest version of Litecoin Core from the website and I replaced the wallet.dat file with the one that I had saved. It updated and showed my balance which I originally had (over 100 LTC). Then I tried to send to an address provided by BTC-E. After many hours of waiting, here is the message that continued to show up: “Status: 0/offline, has not been successfully broadcast yet”. I then abandoned the transaction and received my LTC back (it shows my balance available again). Then I tried to send a smaller amount (10 ltc) to the same btc-e provided address, again the same message popped up after 20 mins of waiting. However, this time, after I sent the transaction my litecoin core wallet showed my entire balance at 0, even though I sent far less than my entire balance. I abandoned that transaction again and it shows again my full balance is available and 0 pending. I am unsure what to do or how I can move my balance into a wallet such as coinbase or something similar where I can liquidate into USD or at least BTC. Please help!

Okay so idk why you can’t send them to BTC-E but that’s okay…

SO do this:

Go to Coinbase

log in

go to “Accounts”
–you will see all your wallets (for example: BTC wallet, USD wallet, etc.)

Go to your “LTC wallet” and next to it on the right hand side you should see a small link that says “Rename”
— under it, you’ll see another small link that says “Get Litecoin Address”

Click the link that says “Get Litecoin Address” and a window will pop up with a QR scan code and your generated address under it that you can copy with your mouse or write down if necessary. MAKE SURE THAT IF YOU WRITE IT BY HAND THAT YOU WRITE IT PERFECTLY CORRECT AND CLEAR ON PAPER

Go to your Litecoin QT wallet and send your coins to the address you copied.

Check your Coinbase account. You should see the transaction pending for the most part so give it a few minutes.

Then when you’re happy. Donate to me! YAAAAYYYYYY!


Let me know if you get lost or have questions

I realized my boneheaded issue. I replaced the wallet.dat file with an old wallet.dat file that has already been spent (not remembering I have spent that wallet). After searching in my old files I found the correct one and everything sent without issue.

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