Please Help! SuperNOOB need Help Starting Lite Coin Mining

I got wallet. I have tried GUIMiner not connecting, I’ve tried scripting with minerd.exe and don’t understand it. Is there some kind quick guide to starting??? PLEASE HELP

I’ve also signed up for

Hello, I think you can’t mine lightcoin on video cards. You must use special equipment called asik. The cost of such equipment is approximately $ 50 and APW7 $ 100. Also for mining you need a separate room because the ASICs are noisy, like a vacuum cleaner.I have been studying cryptocurrency for over a year now, alas, I haven’t earned anything in a year and even lost some money. I remember Antminer L3 + being sold for $ 3,000 a year ago. I think now is the time to interest in cryptocurrency and start mining.