Please Help ( reward Offered )

Please Help me - I transfered Litecoin from Poloniex to my wallet and they have vanished - Over $1500 of Litecoin disappeared.
Can Someone please, please Help.

make sure your wallet is synced completely and that the address you sent them to is in your receiving address’ under file receiving address…and once you have 6 confirmations and everything else is all good like having the address in the wallet…your coins will be there

do you have any transactions id to check it?

I have opened a ticket with poloniex, as far as I can see the transaction hasn’t left the exchange. The address is 100 per cent correct - hopefully poloniex will credit my account

I have just added a topic £100 reward for someone who can help me this evening. My phone number is there - if you can help or know someone who can help please give me a call. I’m in Somerset but I can come to you - I just want to get this resolved