Please help missing ltc

Hello, 4 days ago i transfered .8000 ltc from cb to an online wallet, the blockchain has 2500+ confirmations, all fees were paid (.0002600) transaction says it was completed but nothing is in my online wallet. I know i enterdd in the correct address as I the next day decided to download a wallet app and done a new transaction of around .8000 ltc and that was in my wallet in nor long at all.

what app wallet did you download? or web wallet? if it is a web wallet then you need to contact the website administrator about it…if its an app then it depends on which app…

Coinbase app (coinbase end is good) blockchain says everything should be fine, its the 1st wallet wich i sent ltc to was that isnt showing my moneh, and I’ve emailed them a couple times and submitted on their site for customer service and have heard nothing back. I think i got scammed so thats why i used a new receiver wallet for 2nd transaction and it went through in little time and was able to use the ltc.

Yeah…ive never heard of litecoin storage…gotta be careful with online wallets man…I’ve heard of hacks where the deposit address was changed to a hackers address known as man in the middle…thats why core wallets have the sign message feature to verify the owner of the receiving wallet is who they say they are using outside data in the message like 2 factor does…
Anyway…you need to try and get your private keys off that website and you can sweep them to a core wallet…moat websites dont allow access to private keys but if they do…that is how you’d recover your coins using other software…that is also how someone can steal your coins which is why most sites dont give access to private keys…please do your self a favor nd download litecoin core from…it is the core main software with all capability of the litecoin blockchain…its not just some third party app like a web wallet or jaxx or mycellium…

Thanks bro. I’ll give $10usd to anyone who could successfully find/recover my coins and $5usd if anyone can atleast find where they are actually at.

Just check the site for private keys or an "export " option

if you want to see where they are,

1- Get the address you send your coins to.
2- go to a litecoin blockchain explorer… like this one —>
3- paste the address in the input field,
4- look for your transaction.