Please help me, unconfirmed transation

I whant my litecoins back, This app stolen my ltcs.
In the block explorer the money istill there.

How i abandon transation in the litecoin app off appstore?

“zapwallet” in console will rescan for unspentoutputs and should do the trick…btw coins can only be recovered using core software and command line options ion console or OS command prompt…if your using a third party app there really is no way to get the coins unless you have access to the private key for the transaction…you can import any transaction into a core wallet as long as you have its corresponding private key and passphrase…

I have the private key but i cant open in my pc wallet, i dont know why.

Make sure you have the correct wallet.dat file in the Appdata folder located at C:\Users(currentuser)\AppData
and make sure you have “view hidden items” selected in your folder options

if you have a back up this is the same file…replace the wallet.dat file in the appdata folder with the back up and rename it wallet.dat and that should do it…

also if all you have is a private key your going to need to sweep that private key by broadcasting the transcation to your new wallet…this is done in command line usually…some vendors do it too…see on recovering a paper wallet