Please help me, database error

Hello, I just recently transferred over 6 Litecoin to my wallet, the transfer went fine. I closed out of the wallet and then when I opened it again there was a database error. I clicked ok and closed it out. I launched it again and it started to download the blockchain again, all 6 years work.

How can I restore my wallet? I haven’t deleted anything. Are there steps I can do to recover my wallet?

do you have a backup of the wallet??

meanwhile, don’t delete any files of the wallet

Thank you for responding, I am just nervous about recovering my coins. I am not super rich and that’s a lot of money to me.

I made a backup of the wallet prior to sending the coins to it. I haven’t deleted anything yet.

The problem is, I installed the wallet onto an external hard drive and I think that causes confusion when launching it via the .exe. I really hope my backup is of the same database, which I believe it to be. The sync only took like 15 minutes before I could transfer the coins.

User error, I combined all replies into on. Sorry for these extra lines.

User error, I combined all replies into on. Sorry for these extra lines.

hmmm, the external installation may be the cause of the problem, like you mentioned.

you can fix that, it should be easy, but install it directly on the PC.

if you are not tech savvy, I may help you.

let me know.

I have installed it on my PC locally, is the next step to try to restore the backup? I will wait until you advise me.

if it is fully sync, that the next step.

Yes, it is done syncing the blockchain. It will load up in less than a minute now when I open and close it. Is that what you mean?

I was able to recover the coins by copying the files from my hard drive and replacing the files from the new installation. Thank you so much for your help! I really appreciate it!!