Paypal transactions?

I tried looking for a site that I can send my coins and convert it into cash to transfer to my paypals account. I do have all my wallets for all my alt coins. I wenT to several but they dont service usa. One from India is all in foreign lanquage. I dont even know what the fees are!! I cant use coinbase because Im from Hawaii. I have all the tools or addresses to send but no one to help me send and convert to paypals? I must be brainless! HELP!!

Most people stay away from directly trading crypto for paypal funds, because of the paypal chargeback potential. More details here:

To trade crypto for cash, in my humble opinion the best bet is this:

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Thank you for the information. What is the best and safest way to convert my bitcoins to usd and transfer to my bank? I cant use localbutcoins, they dont service my state? Again appreciate your time

Ah, gotcha. One of “those” states. Hey it’s all good, every state has their own major faults right.

If it were me, I’d seriously drive across state lines to do the cash transaction. In person is best, meeting up in a public place, that sort of thing. As long as the cash proceeds make it worth the road trip and gas money of course. :smile:

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