Paypal is problamatic

PayPal handled nearly $2 billion in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin trades in May. PayPal is hostile to its customers. PayPal will suspend your account without warning, and without a legitimate excuse. Many PayPal account suspensions are caused by automatic triggers. PayPal has no human support staff with the skills or the authority to correct these automated errors

Did you face issues with it?


I have used it for years with absolutely no problems. Money transfers, hundreds of purchases, used it for hundreds of ebay sells, disputes, etc.

They will be giving 29 million merchants access to accepting LTC, BTC, BCH, etc.

I asked them years ago to take btc and ltc. I even put it as a “financial goal” on their site. :smiley: Anytime I contacted their support taking crypto was always my last question. :smiley:

Even though it was cheaper on my exchange, I bought LTC on PayPal to hold once offered to support its inclusion. It has been seamless, easy, and perfect for mainstream users.

Now Texas is allowing banks to hold crypto, other payment services are following. It’s good to see BTC and LTC as their prominent coins being offered.


Same here I haven’t had issues with PayPal


This is awesome bro

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PayPal introduces crypto to the masses, is seamless, uses LTC as their first four offerings, is already widely used by consumers and merchants. Personally again, I’ve never had an Issue with them.

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I’ve had problems with PayPal before. I first opened it just to send money back and forth with my sister in law and I remember they locked my account one day for literally no reason. Currently able to use it without a problem but don’t really like to use it that much if there’s an alternative.

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I have used Paypal for years, never problematic for me or that they didn’t fix. Just write their resolution department.

personally no but i have many friends that have had loads of issues accounts suspended and accounts frozen for the little guy i think PayPal is ok but when large sums pass they become problematic.

I’ve never used it for payments over 24,000 USD, but I’ve never had a problem with less either.