Paymnet request file cannot be read

Hello again. I’m trying to recover a lite coin wallet from a USB stick. I’m getting a message that says

Litecoin -payment request file handling Payment request file cannot be read! This can be caused by a invalid payment request file.

I made a thread 5 days ago about this same wallet. I fixed the wallet loading error by fixing the clock on my pc so the wallet could sync. The wallet is a old litecoin core wallet and was trying to sync but going slow so i stopped and tried to upload it to a usb stick. Im afraid to download a new version of litecoin core on the old pc because of the possibility of a error . Is it a viable option to load the old wallet and send coins to a new PC? I have heard old wallets are risky when sending coins. I think I am doing something wrong when i save the wallet file. Thank you

do you have the wallet software on some new pc?

I have the current(by current i mean the newest) lite coin core wallet downloaded on a new pc, it is a totally blank wallet with no transactions on it if that matters.

restore your wallet on the new…

I thought you could restore a wallet by saving the wallet.dat file on a usb stick and dragging that onto a new wallet on a different computer. Thats what im trying to do and getting the error message. Is there some other way to restore a wallet?

Yes i am terrible with computers atleast compared to most people that use cryptos.