Passphrase with $ symbol not working, 32bit version running on 64bit machine

My wallet is locked and my passphrase is not working. I verified the hash of the download, so it’s not a hacked version. I did realize that I was using a 32-bit version of the wallet on my 64-bit computer. I know my password is correct because I used btcrecover on all my dat files. The result was either my passphrase that I remember or “Encrypted master key #1 not found in the Bitcoin Core wallet file.” I tried opening the dat files in notepad, and they do appear encrypted. My passphrase includes the character $ in the middle, not the first or the last character.

  1. Is the $ symbol causing my problem?
  2. Is the 32-bit version causing my problem?
  3. What does the “Encryted…” error mean?

put the password between quotes like this “$password$”
this is how you do it if you use a space in the password…
you should really run the 64 bit version on a 64 bit machine honestly

Thank you very much for the responding. Unfortunately, it didn’t work for me. I am running 64 bit version on 64 bit machine. I just found a 32 bit version in my downloads, so I thought that might be my problem.

For now, I will save my dat files and hope that someday there is a known issue that helps me. I appreciate your time.

did you try using single quotes?
make sure that you are typing in your password into console like this…
walletpassphrase “$password$” 1000

1000 means unlock wallet for 1000 seconds…just make sure you have the spaces in there…

if still not working then you more than likely will only be able to access it through the RPC litecoin-cli by running litecoind and then connecting to the wallet via RPC
make sure to set your .conf file with a username, rpcwallet and walletpassword
in this case you would specify the base64 encdoing of the username and password seperating them with a colon…see here:
under JSON RPC
and here is how to specify the username and password for it:

another thing you can do is open the wallet with pywallet using your password…if that says your password is incorrect then you must have an encoding problem with the machine and operating system you are using
in which case you may need to specify the language input for litecoin-qt as well by starting qt from the command line with -LANG=US
however it should recognize yours systems language encoding method from your machines application data configuration…

hope this helps…if t makes you feel any better your not the onlyone having password problems like this…I am currently recovering 5 different wallets at the moment due to encoding issues during encryption and now the password no longer works…
most people dont understand that the AES algorithm has changed slightly over the years so newest software no longer supports older encryption methods…
I am currently trying to get a machine running version 8 of litecoin and a version of openssl pre version 1.0 (very hard to find) because this is what was used to encrypt the wallet and is the only way to decrypt now since the consensus rules have changed over the years