Part of sent litecoins went to Unknown address and still are there but I do not have access to them

From my litecoin wallet was sent 4.29 LTC but only 2.01 came to the correct address…
Another 2.29 ltc was sent to an unknown address… and they are still there but I do not have access to them…

here is a hash of that transaction


How can I solve this problem and get access to my litecoins?

Thanks!! Please help me!

first: what wallet did you use?
second: you do realize you are asking about a transaction from 2 years ago, right?
third: the 2.27 LTC sent to address MTKVhquft5dV4cKapbN9TtKFnRnrcwPotk was spent.
fourth: you have sent from your address MQw8QZvYYT94aKn5R8GLVKiMJrZJbF34JL to address MTKVhquft5dV4cKapbN9TtKFnRnrcwPotk on several occasions.

My guess is that is a change address. Also, the wallet you are claiming as your wallet has had no balance for almost 20 months. So, maybe you found an old wallet.dat file? or bought one that claimed it held funds?

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Hi! Thanks for the answer! Yes, I know that the transaction was made 2 years ago, but I didn’t know whom I can ask about it… I’ve sent a few letters to contact/litecoin/org but didn’t get any responses.
And at that time litecoin rate was lower… Anyway I don’t have access to that wallet where my litecoins were sent… But wallets from what I sent 4.29 litecoins MQw8QZvYYT94aKn5R8GLVKiMJrZJbF34JL and wallet where I got 2.27 of my litecoins (MTKVhquft5dV4cKapbN9TtKFnRnrcwPotk) are mine… first is original litecoin/org wallet and second is on one Cryptocurrency stock exchange. But this stock exchange (KUNA) can’t help me, they told me that I’ve got 2.27 LTC and they do not know why the rest of my LTC went to another wallet…
About your questions: I still have 11 LTC on MQw8QZvYYT94aKn5R8GLVKiMJrZJbF34JL anyway on my wallet in the computer I can see them and can use them… I can send the screenshot of my wallet with that transaction and with current balance…
And I have backup copies for this address MQw8QZvYYT94aKn5R8GLVKiMJrZJbF34JL wallet/dat and there are 11 LTC now.
What can you suggest to do to me to get access to this unspent LTC on the wrong address…

if you think you still have funds on “MQw8QZvYYT94aKn5R8GLVKiMJrZJbF34JL” then most likely that other address is your change address, because the block explorer shows “MQw8QZvYYT94aKn5R8GLVKiMJrZJbF34JL” as a zero balance.
what wallet are you using? The core wallet? If so, again I think that is your change address then. Also you have sent to the address that received the 2.27 LTC several times as well.

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Yes, wallet from what I sent 4.29 LTC is Core Wallet. And I still have there 11.05 LTC… See screenshots…
“If so, again I think that is your change address then.” - what does it mean - “change address”?

And yes, I’ve sent later several times LTC to that address where came 2.27LTC and everything was nice…

Few images are in previous messages because only one can be attached…

And is there any decision about such kind of the problem? Or I and litecoin community can’t solve this?

do this - go to settings>options>wallet and check the box “Enable Coin Control Features” if it is not already.

then go to “send” and select inputs - show me that screen

I really do not think there is a problem. I think that 2 of the 3 wallets in each transaction are yours. 1 being your primary wallet address, 1 being a change address and 1 being the address you sent to.

“Enable Coin Control Features” was not enabled, I enabled it.
Attaching “inputs” screenshot.

well that address is not a change address for sure. also looking back at your images you sent to what you call the “unknown” address 4 times in a row.

is it that only the last transaction (d95324580b503242cda14af30429cc8735288760e24ae29088af5c43555a5744) is an issue?

do you know who that address is? The MTKVhquft5dV4cKapbN9TtKFnRnrcwPotk or the MFYseFNeFYVttPNoUNvupCnm7G7hZ6y8Ss address?

this address MTKVhquft5dV4cKapbN9TtKFnRnrcwPotk is mine but in a stock market. I’ve asked that stock market support how can I get litecoins from the wrong address but they can’t help me with that and that think that " there was someone else who sent litecoins in the same block" - actually I haven’t understood what does it mean…
and I do not know to whom this address [MFYseFNeFYVttPNoUNvupCnm7G7hZ6y8Ss] belongs

“is it that only the last transaction (d95324580b503242cda14af30429cc8735288760e24ae29088af5c43555a5744) is an issue?”
Yes only this… I didn’t have any before and after… and now I am afraid to send more than 1-2 LTC in one transaction…

“well that address is not a change address for sure. also looking back at your images you sent to what you call the “unknown” address 4 times in a row.” - maybe yes… but only this transaction went wrong

ok so MQw8QZvYYT94aKn5R8GLVKiMJrZJbF34JL is the exchange address, right?

So the real transaction in question is 800792bff2c3030057991857398eef30a2e752e12559ceb332e4a1ecd4259ae0

which the block chain shows 2 LTC came from LgQuC9H6CwY3i1pHVaa63uJaVBQtXLCcpR - which is your address verified by the screenshot where you show the inputs. The other part, 1.99 LTC came from address MU73XPDzsisy1DJRYTsxzN12vs2z5xxogM which, while not on your input screen has to be your address because it is part of transaction 800792bff2c3030057991857398eef30a2e752e12559ceb332e4a1ecd4259ae0 which was sent by you.
The reason why it may not on your list of inputs is that the address is now empty and thus no inputs.

So, yes you sent the 4.29 LTC to the exchange and they need to explain why they did not put all 4.29 LTC in your account.

You need to show them the transaction in the above screenshot where two of your addresses using a total of 6 inputs sent 4.29 LTC to MQw8QZvYYT94aKn5R8GLVKiMJrZJbF34JL with .20768479 LTC going to your change address MDUALrkDxdE2teQ7cWFcwJoTSDfp19tQCY on transaction id 800792bff2c3030057991857398eef30a2e752e12559ceb332e4a1ecd4259ae0

then MQw8QZvYYT94aKn5R8GLVKiMJrZJbF34JL split it with 2.27 LTC going to your exchange wallet MTKVhquft5dV4cKapbN9TtKFnRnrcwPotk and 2.0199834 LTC going to MFYseFNeFYVttPNoUNvupCnm7G7hZ6y8Ss

btw - the 2.0199834 LTC still sits on MFYseFNeFYVttPNoUNvupCnm7G7hZ6y8Ss

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Nice work Mopar_Mining :slight_smile:

Thanks!! I’ll ask them, hope they will do something !! For me, this situation is very strange…
Any way THANK you for your HELP and SUPPORT!

Because they told you that multiple people sent on a transaction - let them know that yes, you sent 4.29 LTC using 2 separate addresses, but that it was still FROM you.

Hi! So the situation is the same… exchange said that they 100% do not have any of these litecoins… and they were returned like the change to the same wallet from which was made this transaction… Do I kan somehow take these litecoins from there…??

that address where the coins are sitting is MFYseFNeFYVttPNoUNvupCnm7G7hZ6y8Ss — the exchange sent the funds there. I am not sure how they can look at txn 800792bff2c3030057991857398eef30a2e752e12559ceb332e4a1ecd4259ae0 and not see how it clearly shows you sent them 4.29 LTC and then when they look at txn d95324580b503242cda14af30429cc8735288760e24ae29088af5c43555a5744 they should see exactly how they split the 4.29 you sent. They received 4.29 ltc from you but did not give you 4.29 ltc — the blockchain shows it clearly. They need to explain whose account is the MFYseFNeFYVttPNoUNvupCnm7G7hZ6y8Ss which is where they sent the other portion.