"Open for 28430 more blocks" transaction status

What Does “Open for 28430 more blocks” mean Exactly? Does it mean I will eventually receive my transaction?

i have a transaction that reads the following-

Status: Open for 9335 more blocks
Date: 4/24/2021 16:08
From: unknown
To: xxxxxKqhc6ycoFQ4gSgS89MUeoZVjxxxxx (own address)
Credit: 240 115.13298165 LTC
Net amount: +240 115.13298165 LTC
Transaction ID: xb6xxxxxxxxxxde62b417b1xxxxxxxxxx816dc996abxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Transaction total size: 43624 bytes
Transaction virtual size: 23874 bytes
Output index: 1

can anyone please explain what it all means?