Omg! I'm waiting to buy more litecoin!

Omg, I’m so happy I made the move I did 2 weeks ago. I converted most of my Bitcoin–Eth–Dash to Litecoin. even if I bought it for more ($45 ), looks whats happening to Litecoin in this 7/10/17 bloodbath!! Litecoin is holding it’s price compared to all the other coins, that are gettin ripped! Now lites are at $41, and I’m waiting to see if it will fall to the 30’s. I feel like a hawk sitting on a perch ready to pounce on more lites!

August 1st is right around the corner !
This is a great opportunity to build your litecoin! Buy ! Buy! Buy!

I predict more investor will flock to Litecoin from Bitcoin, for protection!!

August 1 MIT , lightning or smart contracts??? What you think!

That Charlie is a bomb, smart moves and great insight of the crypto world. I, am happy, all you litecoin holders, when things were not good, you stuck it out, and you are gonna reap the benefits!

Charge Lite warriors!!

Aloha Al