Old Wallet , Private key and known pubblic address


this is the senario
At the beginning of 2014 I download a qt wallet, I did a backup in a external storage
The wallet was empty
In April 2014 I received a payment in litecoin
I forgot to backup the wallet.dat
I have the pubblic address of that payment and I know the person who sent me the payment
In 2017 I formatted my computer, so I delete my appdata folder with the precious wallet.dat and its transaction
Is there any way to get my litecoin back?
is it correct to import my friend privatekey for that transaction to get back my litecoin?
I mean, if he writes ‘dumpprivatekey + address’ in his wallet console and send me that key, and I import that key in my wallt, am I able to get back my litecoin?

if you have the old wallet from 2014 before the transaction and it is the same where you received the coins, you may be able to recover if you know the address you used to receive the coins.

if you use your friends private key, them you will have access to his coins, hehe

Thx for your reply
Yes I know the address, the old wallet is the same of the transaction
What can I do?

reward 1 LTC

haha, nice way to motivate us!

omw home :wink:

have you check the address? does it have funds

@riccardo.cancian so, the easiest way to do this is in my opinion, sweep that private key.

First try:
You need

  • Your old wallet.dat,
  • The address that received the coins.
  • A Litecoin Core App (don’t need to be sync)
  • Electrum Wallet Software.

So, what to do:

  1. Dump the private key of that address.
  2. Open the Electrum, and sweep the private key to it.
  3. Done.

for sweeping…

hope this helps, if not there is another way a bit more dificult.


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Thx for reply.
I’ll be back on this topic after xmass
To be honest i have not completly understood all the steps you wrote in the answer.
Why should i use a bitcoin wallet to sweep a private key of a litecoin wallet.
Anyway i’ ll try to follow your suggestions after xmass: relatives at home , not so much time to spend

Bye and see you

marry xmas.

you dont need a BITCOIN wallet… you need the litecoin electrum wallet.

that is just an image from the electrum page support.

Thx for your reply
I downloaded Electrum wallet right now

When you say

1 - Dump The private Key of that address

what do you exactly mean?

So I have lost my privatekey that states that I am the owner of that transaction
So what’s the trick to get back my litecoin?
Question : is there a way to get the private key from the public key thanks to the original wallet?

You said that you have a wallet.dat for your wallet right?

Right, I have

There is never total security but it’s the closest approach.