Old wallet LTC stuck 0 confirmation no trace of transaction on blockchain


Need help! Sent my litecoins to my QuadrigaCX account but transaction still not confirmed after several hours.**
Using Windows Wallet qt v4.8.3**
Status: 0/unconfirmed**
Transaction ID: d30c2486e50daff32aba7092ec07db221255ab2dc120e8fbddbdaced2c402190**
Can I revert / cancel the transaction?

I hope any one can help me out here.

Thanks in advance!!

Are you using core wallet?

If the transaction is still unconfirmed in the mempool, one could abandon transaction via console (abandon transaction ID). Otherwise this is not possible. But why should you do that?

It might be more interessting to find out what is going wrong here. Have you sent a fee? Have you used LTC addresses?

When using https://live.blockcypher.com/ to check the transaction I receive the following:

“Sorry, ‘d30c2486e50daff32aba7092ec07db221255ab2dc120e8fbddbdaced2c402190’ is not a valid transaction or block hash for ltc”

Yes, I upgraded to the latest core wallet and was able to abandon the transaction. The previous version I had did not have this option.

My litecoins are back to my wallet now! :slight_smile: