Old waller, how to restor


Probably 2 year ago, I had litecoin on the litecoin waller, and I backup the full “litecoin” folder: Screenshot - 059d1ec2c88d880d221dfb7059b762fd - Gyazo

Now I want to restor this wallet, so I install the litecoin app, but folder and files are diffrentes… I tried to copy
all the previous content in the new folder, but it’s dont work

How to restor those litecoin ? Thank you

download the newest version at litecoin.org for your system, install it and then place you backup in your APPdata folder…replacing the current wallet.dat file with your backup and renaming it wallet.dat…make sure there is only one copy in there ( the one you just pasted in there and renamed) and it should sync up fine…