Old 32 bit wallet problem

I bought some litecoins back in 2013 via a pc running windows xp. I still have the pc and have found the wallet on it.
I use a mac now and copied the wallet from the old 32 bit pc to the mac, and downloaded the latest version of Litecoin Core from litecoin.org.
The software took about 2 hours to assemble (sync?) on the Mac.
At the end, however, it showed a zero litecoin balance!
Please help. How can I retrieve my Litecoins? Have I lost them? If so why?
Should I download the most recent 32 bit version of Litecoin Core and run it on the old PC? If so, where would I find a safe, reliable version of it? Or is the problem with the wallet itself? If so, how can I repair?

Do you have your public litecoin address?

If yes, we can check your balance in the blockchain.
If not, I would suggest extracting it from your wallet.dat file and check it in the blockchain.

I need to extract it,…I guess?

Yes, and there’s a tool for that but it needs to run on the command line (called Terminal on MacOSX) and that’s why it’s usually difficult for people to start using it.

What version of OSX are you running?

Hi Akke
I’ve messaged you in our other thread…sorry for the delay, but we were cut off mid-flow by this platform.
Hope we can continue!