Not yet redeemed litecoin new

Plz help me, i have a problem with transactions. I sent LTC two days ago but didn’t sent. I think LTC address is wrong.
It Says not yet redeemed:
What can i do to solve the problem ?

I looked it seems redeemed to me now.

unless I mistyped.


Plz help me, I made a mistake, I sent to BTC address

Some other threads on here also have folk sending LTC to BTC address. I think you are crap out of luck. Look at the reply of other threads on here with the same situation as you sending BTC to LTC address.

But I think you are screwed. Let me know if/what you find on the other threads on here say if you do find a solution.

Also, do a google search of ‘sent LTC to BTC address’ and see what comes up that is helpful.



Thx a lot :pray:t2:

most likely you need to add the witness address to your wallet…
you should be able to open up “console” and type
“addwitnessaddress 3LvwNhfVY9psWw6aWXhLZBHZAmZtZSJnzD”

then restart qt and it should re-scan the chain finding the transactions…
this happens because the receiving address has not provided a signature to prove that the funds belong to that address…

you did not send anything to a “bitcoin address”…just because the address comes up on both chains…the chains CANNOT and WILL not EVER talk to each other…
you coins are on the Litecoin blockchain behind the Litecoin address…you just need to add the Segregated witness to the transaction…

Usually in such cases you need to write to support of the exchange, wallet, etc. that you use. I had such a problem about a year ago. I got my money back in about 2 weeks

Most likely you just need to type “addwitnessaddress” (address)
into console and that should sign the transactions making them available in your wallet
in the newest version this shouldn’t have to be done so if your coins are not showing up in the newest version…go back t version 16.3 and add the witness signature to the wallet in that version…make a backup and then start the new version wiht your backup in the “wallets” folder (make sure to rename your backup “wallet.dat”)