Noob trying to understand wallets

Hi everyone,
Total noob here, trying to figure out a crypto wallet setup. Im in Europe, pretty much impossible to by trezor or ledger nano so I downloaded litecoin core to a usb drive and encrypted with a passphrase. I sent and recieved .01 litecoins to an address I created in the wallet. I took out that usb drive and put in another formatted usb drive and installed litecoin core again. Somehow it was exactly the same as the other usb drive, encrypted with the same passphrase, showed same transaction and addresses. How is that possible? Shouldnt a fresh usb drive and fresh install be different each time?
Please help me understand…
Thanks a lot,

It uses your application data which is a hidden folder…does this by default…in order to have a new wallet everytime you need to tell qt to put the blockchain data in a different location

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Appdata fold located under c:/(current user)/appdata/roaming/litecoin

This is where you’d place your back up incase of a drive crash…by replacing the wallet.dat file with your backup and renaming it wallet.dat…if you can’t see appdata folder then select view hidden items under folder options…

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Not everyone in the world is using Windows computers… (actually less and less users are using Windows computers…)

Please make your technical recommendations relavent to Windows, MacOS and LinuxOS users.

ok…then I meant to say that crypto key managers like litecoin and bitocin core use the hidden folder that you application data is stored in…I recently switch to Linux myself…however quite the contrary…computer savvy people are switching away from windows…most people I come in contact with on a daily basis are clueless about even typing …and have never heard the word Linux or bitcoin…if its not on their iphone as a pre-downloaded app they haven’t heard of it…I swaer this forum is my only escape form daily idiots…lol