No coins arriving at their destination :(

All coins i’ve sent last 3 days have not arrived at their destination, despite my clients saying plenty of confirmations.
2 of which went unconfirmed for over 24hrs however now show plenty of confirmations.

was using an older client that until a few days ago sent perfectly, and was using the send “without fee if available option” (no i don’t need a stream of in future send with fee comments).

after a few no arrivals from 2 separate clients on too separate machines. i upgraded to the latest client and set a few to various places, paying a fee, all which got plenty of confirms but still a day later aren’t at their destinations.

i’ve sent from one of my own clients on one pc to another client on one of my other pc all coins arrived very quickly to myself. but yeah outside of that no coins i send seem to appear on exchanges :frowning:
bad timing too with current rallies

are you using the recommended fee? lower fees take longer to confirm
if you have coin features enabled and don’t have the recommended fee box checked then it probably is taking longer because most miners only pick up recommended fee transaction blocks as they pay faster…

hi bakd247, i do know all the fee stuff, been sending no fee for years no issues. i do know how to end trans that have no confirms etc and edit mining fee after the fact.

however all these transactions actually have many confirmations now, and the latest ones have mining fees added.
i do appreciate your reply.

rite on…you can try starting litecoin-qt.exe in the command prompt with a -reindex -rescan flag
I have my .conf file set to gen=1 so my node is generating blocks and broadcasting them and allowing incoming connections…seem to get a lot faster confirmations this way where I use the same wallet on an external drive with no .conf file and it only does 8 outgoing connections and takes a lot longer to confirm my transactions…so i usually do the transactions with the wallet that generates blocks, they get confirmed fast and I then plug in my external as a secondary working backup sort of…then i dont have to wait as long for the same confirmations to occur…might double check you are mapping your ports using UPnP as this makes a big difference in the nodes broadcast too…

If you have a confirmation it’s at the address you sent it to. Did you send it to the correct address.