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What is NoFap Token?

We are a group of people who are aware of the difficulties of the NoFap process, which can lead to many struggles, such as the chaser effect, regret of resetting, flatline feelings, etc. One of the best ways to overcome these processes is to focus our thoughts on something that is beneficial to us, the Fapstronauts and Femstronauts. Exercising, reading, socializing, going for a walk, and more can help with this process. They motivate you and keep you going. That said, as people who have respect for the NoFap community, we want to add a new interest that keeps challengers occupied.

We are so happy to present NoFap Token to all Fapstronauts and Femstronauts. We have a couple of aims to release the NoFap Token:

  • Keeping the community occupied with a real and rewarding pursuit.

  • Awarding the community with profit that will be generated by the NoFap Token. Therefore the people in rebooting process can challenge themselves with holding time.

  • Building a simple counter that shows for how many days you have been hodling the tokens and you’ve been in recovery period.

  • More holders mean more profit you will make.

Telegram: nofaptoken

Presale very soon!