Newbie question

I started mining in 2013 and blew up my graphics AMD graphics card so I stopped…I have a LTC.dat file.
I know I have something in there… how do I find out how much? Sorry for the lame post, am a complete newbie to this…

No need to apologize, there’s a lot of us in here that are learning as well, and there are a lot of high level folks too, this is a community effort, I wish I had the answer for ya, but keep checking in, I’m sure you’d get some feedback. Viva la Crypto!!

So what you’re gonna want to do is install Litecoin Core on your computer, import your old wallet (.dat file) and wait for the wallet to sync.

  1. Download Litecoin Core from
  2. Install Litecoin Core
  3. Open it and follow the instructions. If it asks for you to recover old wallet, follow those instructions or continue below.
  4. Close Litecoin Core and find the data directory for your system - this depends on your operating system:

macOS: ~/Library/Application Support/Litecoin
Windows: C:\Users\YourUserName\Appdata\Roaming\Litecoin
Linux: ~/.litecoin

  1. copy and paste the .dat file here, and rename it wallet.dat. make sure your copy and pasting the .dat file you have instead of just drag/drop incase you mess stuff up.
  2. open up Litecoin again and wait for it to finish syncing.