Newbie question about LTC mining (Antminer L3+)


Need some advice, with this question:

  1. How to choose a pool or p2pool?
  2. For mining, ltc core wallet Is it necessary or can you use another? Maybe Electrum LTC

I recommend you use a regular pool initially. While I like the concept of p2pool and mined that way for several years you may run into difficulties. Better to take the easier route for a beginner.

I use and they currently payout 108 percent because of merged mining.

If you used p2pool you would have to run core wallet plus p2pool software. If you run on a regular pool all you need is a lite-wallet to hold your coins in.

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You’re welcome!

Is this the wallet you’re referring to? Electrum-LTC??

NO!!! Scam site !!! Use this one instead:

Thanks for the warning! So many scamming schemes out there.