Newbi need some support

Hello all,

a few years back I’ve bought some coins, these days I’ve found out that LTC was back and kicking, I looked to find out what’s up with my coins and I have a few issues, I’d appreciated if you guys could help me understand, I have my coins saved in my Litecoin QT local wallet (ver 4.8.5):

as you can see in the image i have a few coins that are unconfirmed, why is that and would it be confirmed at some point?

also, I’ve tried to send 1 LTC to my BTC-E account a few days back and nothing arrive (4 days ago), any thought?

Thank you all in advance!!

download the latest wallet form version 0.13.2


thank you for your quick reply.

i downloaded and install latest ver, and now dont see those 852 coins at all :fearful: where did it go to??

Interesting…possible they were excluded in a malicious block? open back upo you older version wallet and check the balance here:

you may need to sweep you transactions into a newer version wallet if they are not spent or something like that…I’m sure we can figure it out together…