New to this! Bought $3,000 in LTC yesterday at 327.. (9 Litecoins) was it good or am I too late?

Opinions please!! I just got into cryptocurrencies. Looking for advice and what to expect.

You are too late and just in time.

OP: at the time of writing LTC is over 350… so like nehgekim said… a lilttle late, but there is atill cake for you.

enjoy the ride.

hahaha, nice one.

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Haha thanks. Im here looking at the chart every minute! Waiting for it make it to 400 very soon

Well hindsight is 20/20 but I still stand by my original reply. Keep holding on buddy. Buying a little bit over a long period of time is really the only way to get the “best price.”

I think your only mistake was turning all 3000 USD into LTC at once. I did the same thing last time it spiked and wished I had spaced out my entry (which is something all my finance friends always told me to do with stocks). Lesson learned, again. Hopefully for the last time.

you will be fine in the long run so long as you didnt spend money you dont have