New to the Forum - rookie question

Hello - I’m brand new here. I have been trying to learn about Litecoin so I have read what I can find. Seems there are some advantages over BitCoin. But I’m still trying to figure out who typical Litecoin users are/would be. Would someone describe uses for Litecoin and Litecoin users? (ie: would online casinos or any retailers be users?) Thank you. C

there are debit cards which convert LTC to Fiat at the time of purchase, hence you could really use LTC for anything at that point. I personally do not use it though.

Easter transaction times and lower fees. The Litewallet is seamless.

Definitely online casinos and I think some online retailers are becoming more accepting of cryptocurrencies. Of course people also pay for illegal things with it but that comes with the privacy that crypto offers in general.