New to mining lite coin

Hello! Im new to mining, I also don’t want or think I will get fast money for it, I just simply want to do it for fun and see how it works. But I don’t know how I should begin with.

In total I don’t want to invest a lot of money into it so I want to ask how it would work out with an raspberry 3? I also think to mine lower priced crypto currency for start but I simply don’t know how to start at all :frowning:

It won’t work out.

You got to do more research. Mining with a raspberry pi is really a waste of time. A good way to get started without paying a lot would be to pick up a gridseed online (they’re cheap because they generally cost more to run than they’ll make). You will need to connect the gridseed to a computer (use your Rpi) via USB.

This is how I got started. I was also able to resell my first gridseeds for the same price I paid for them. When you look at equipment, don’t get sticker shock, understand the equipment can be resold if not run for a very long time.