New to Litecoin

Hi All

I am new to the Crypo world and as i can see this is already a longterm gain rather than short term

I have started investing in Litecoin however only very small amounts only putting in £10.00 per week however i wanted to start somewhere

I am looking for advise on how i can maybe mine only using a start laptop CPU and see profits as well as any other advise anyone can give

Also what is the long term predictions for Litecoin and its value

Great to be here and look forward to comments

Cheers all


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Hey, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to make any profit from mining with a CPU or even a graphics card, as you’ll be spending more money on electricity than the Litecoin you’ll make.

Hi! Even if you only invest a small amount at a time it’s still making progress. Wishing you luck!