New To Litecoin

Sorry if this is a rookie question (probably is) so I apologize in advance, but does anyone have advice for me as basic things to know about Litecoin vs. Dash/ETH/ etc.

I just bought Litecoin on Poloniex. What is my next step? Thanks in advance for the help and humility guys.

buy low…sell high…store coin offline and get rich…


Couldn’t get a better advice :slight_smile:

I bought some coins long time ago and stored them in my qt wallet
I have oppened it after 3 years. The blocks are updated but all the balans of coins is unconfirmed. how can I upgrade the wallet and confirm all transactions. I would be really grateful for help. Or is there somebody in London that can help. I would be happy to pay for help and get my coins back.


you need to download the latest version of litecoin core…just download it and open it and it will use your old folder information…
as long as your wallet.dat file was never deleted or moved then all should be good…do you have a backup of the “older wallet”? if so you can also download the new core software on any pc and replace the wallet.dat file in your windows “Appdata” folder with your back up and rename it wallet.dat…then restart litecoin (the new version)

thank you