New to lite coin

Hi there, I have a coinbase acc with lite coin in it. I would like to transfer some to my lite coin wallet but am unsure where to find my address and where do i start? do i send from coinbase or do i ask to recieve from my litecoin wallet feeling like a fish out of water. Also I cannot find my litecoin wallet address either

You will definitely have to send your LTC from coinbase.
As for the wallet address, what type of wallet do you have?

Hi Bear, thanks for your feedback. I managed to transfer some LTC from coinbase to my litecoin wallet and to my Bittrex acc, so I feel a little more comfortable with the process.
I live in Australia and am finding it a little hard to find wallets and trading sites that are user friendly.
I have a multibit wallet but have given up trying to use it.
Thanks again for your feedback its greatly appreciated

Ryno, as per this site, Exodus looks to be a great option for you.