New Orphaned transactions

I have recently had 2 LTC transactions that have not gone through and the coins are neither in my wallet nor in the recipient’s wallet!
The transaction IDs are not visible on blockcypher, or other blockchain explorers,

Has anyone else had the same issues recently?
Any possible solutions?

Check the sender’s address at blockchypher. It will give you a hint.

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Thanks, but not much is there!

Don’t know did you notify a @coblee ???

@Babak_Saidy if you are willing to share the senders wallet address with us, we may help


Thanks, can I share it privately?
How would you like to help? What are you going to do?
Many thanks in adavnce!

For sure, we could check txids and addresses.

If you are willing to scam me or anyone, sharing a wallet.dat etc, don’t bother yourself. You will be banned.

Just sent them to you,

(Of course, I am not a scammer!)

Many thanks in advance!