New KNC Titan 300-350MHs for sale

I am selling a new never used KNC Titan scrypt mining ASIC 4 cubes including 2 x 1000W Power Supplies, mining controller & associated cables.

I have opened the box for the first time today.

I bought the miner directly from KNC. It was finally delivered well after the latest contractual delivery date & litecoin was worth around $3-4. I was involved in a group action against KNC for late delivery. My solicitor advised me not to open the box. The current price of Litecoin now makes it once again profitable. Check Mining Calculator |

My situation has changed and it is no longer convenient for me to mine. Power consumption between 1000 - 1500w I am including 3 New x 1000W HP ProLiant Power Supplies with breakout boards and necessary cables which will connect directly without any messing about. The unit only needs 2 of the power supplies - the third is a spare to avoid loss of revenue in the unlikely event of psu failure. However they are very reliable and I have used this type of PSU intensively for mining as well as in HP servers. Never had a failure.

how much you asking?

I’m looking for offers in excess of £1500 GBP
I am based in UK.
Where you living?

Just to let you know - the miner has now sold.
Thanks for your interest
Best wishes

For what price did you sold them

Hi, what price did you sold the KNC Titan?

Hi I sold my Titan for £2K. It was on ebay with a start price of 1K and buy it now of 2K and it sold almost immediately.
I have put someone else in touch with the buyer who also got the same price and I know the buyer would probably still be interested in more hash power…

Hi Skymole

Could you introduce me as well?

Thanks in advance!