New Crypto Specific You Tube Channel Started...Accepting idea suggestions for crypto and Litecoin specific videos!

What’s up guys?!?!
Wanted to post my you tube channel here in hopes of some ideas on crypto and litecoin specific video ideas. I know a lot about cryptography and was thinking about making how to encrypt and decrypt type videos. Private key and seed recovery, password cracking…etc…
Accepting all ideas…
Anyways…heres the link:
thanks in advance!!!

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Again, I’d recomend an associated thread on above as well for more traffic

link it here if/when you do so would be my advice


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Still waiting on admin to approve my account…
3rd time I had to try and create an account because the admins are not doing their job over there
I hate going on bitcoin talk because I cant even respond to a post without waiting up to a week for my post to be reviewed…
bitcointalk is really a pain in the ass for any new user