Never Asked for Passphrase ! Litecoin Core ! Please HELP ME! *

Hi Guys i installed last year Litecoin Core and buyed some Litecoins on 29.6.2017 from Bitpanda.
The Problem is i m sure that i never was ask for a Passphrase. Now i need to put a Passphrase to send it out.
Maybe it has something do to because i send Litecoins will the Wallet was synced but i dont think so.
I can see my Coins i can see the Transaction. i have a Recipt of a Buy but i cant send it out.
i tried all Password Combinatons 1000 times, its seem to be impossible to get my Coins back.
I m 100000% sure that i never was asked for a Password. It seems like a Endlees Nightmare.

I dont have much Money but i would give you 2 of my Litecoins for help me to open my Wallet.

If anyone has a Idea please Help me

thanks Dino

when you created the wallet, you encrypted.

the wallet will never ask for the passphrase until you want to send coins, so the easy way is for you to remember your passphrase, the hard way is to bruteforce the wallet…

since you may know what passphrase did you used, it may be do-able…

the thing is you will need to trust somebody your wallet so that person can do the bruteforce.

I would try for sure for your bounty (2LTC) considering the value of that… is up to you.

I will not scam you off your coins, look me up in the old forums, I used to help people and never stole coins (did manage more that 100 coins of other people)

let me know.

This happened to me as well. It appears like everyone’s response is to say that we just don’t remember the passphrase which is not the case. Have you had any luck with this? I was thinking it was a bug in the system as well. I have a good amount of coin stuck in my .dat file

You don’t actually have to trust anyone with your wallet.dat file in order to brute force it. It’s very risky doing that!

If you have a recent computer with a good graphics card (=GPU) it can be done on your own computer too. A good GPU gives decent speeds and brute forcing your wallet with a custom made tokens file (based on all the passwords and patterns you can think of) can be done within a reasonable time.