Neonminer (Xeon Phi 7210) Group Purchase


I have two of these Neonminer machines that do well with Monero’s algorithms because of the rare Intel processor they use, the Xeon Phi 7210. I am looking to buy 2 more but would get a better deal if I buy 5.

If anyone would like to participate in a group purchase and get a machine (or three) please let me know.



It always comes down with crypto equipment…is it safe? Is it a scam? How to tell?



Buyer beware :sweat_smile:

But seriously, these are solid machines, they’re actually vintage. Outside the scope of mining applications, 64 CPU cores and 16 GB or memory on-chip is useful and worth their asking price. I’m happy to answer questions people have but you have to do your own research and make your own decision. I can’t offer any guarantees, Neonminer can (3-month warranty on the equipment I think) and they know I’m looking to group buy 5

I asked a friend and they asked for numbers kind of in the form of a business plan for buying 1 machine, I will share here what I share with them once I get around to it. I’d like to make this happen by the end of the month and may just end up getting all 5 myself if I can, that would be my preference but here we are. I have two that I got about a year ago so I can tell you the device is quality, some photos of mine in my lab where I staged them before they went into the data center

Each node hashes at 1.75KHs on Cryptonight R and each server is 4 nodes (7 KHs), it draws ~1300W at the wall in a proper environment, closer to 1450 if you’re in sketchy basements

The competing setup to this is 2 Radeon VII GPUs (each about 3.3KHs on CNr) which you can pick up 2 for $700 each and put in a mobo, I’ve bought these to test side by side. But the 2U4N rack mount Neonminer is a much better form factor IMO and so I’ll take it, I am working on getting better with the GPUs though, long term those will work better, these Neonminers are just solid and well priced right now, I want a few more