Need help PLSS!

can anyone help me pls!!!
i lost my wallet phrase. is there anyway can i recovery???

Yes, there is software that can help you recover it.

HI, thanks so much for helping!!
Howerver i’m kind of not good at working with sofware so might you help me recovering my passphrase with this

You are welcome.

Sorry at the moment I am working on recovering a password and I don’t have the “GPU Farm” like I did in the old days lol…

Do you have any PCs with good GPUs? I can give you the exact steps on how to do this. Let me know.

Actually when i dowloaded this litecoin wallet sofware, it did not require me the password or the passphrase. So when i want to send my litecoin to other wallet, i had no idea what the passphrase is. The "encryt wallet "option’s always gray color, not availbe. what do u think about that?

In the lower right hand portion of the QT wallet, do you see a gold padlock, similar to this screenshot? If you see the gold padlock, then yes your wallet is encrypted and will require a password.

Oh, thats sad ! It isn’t gold at all :frowning: i think i lost my litecoin.

We might be able to help you get it back. I’ll send you a private message.

Can u also pls help me
Did anybody know how to do restore or fix replaced with backup (litecoins file wallet.dat)

I’m in the same boat. forgot my passcode for LTC wallet. I have downloaded hashcat and have been trying to figure it out, but has been a no go so far. The part I think I’m stuck on is actually getting the hash from wallet.dat

Also I guess PM are some how privilege based? I’m a new users and have yet to see any kind of PM function.

Ah, right! Makes sense.

Here is what you want to use to get the hash from wallet.dat:

EDIT: sorry, there is actually another python script running around out there that actually just extracts the password hash. I’m trying to track down the official source.

I found the correct password hash extraction python script: